Practical SAP Reviewed

Practical SAP: Get Ahead in Your Career

1 - productSAP is one of the most sought-after yet most expensive software in the market. It is able to give you an up-to-date report of what’s going on in your system, whether it’s about sales, finance, HR information and even foreign exchange. It gives a company a quick and easy way to be able to see what’s happening in the business, without having to wait for a long time for this information to be available. It was created and developed by SAP AG, a German software company which makes enterprise software to allow users to manage business operations and customer relations.

What Is SAP?

SAP ERP or SAP is the Enterprise Resource Planning software of SAP AG. It contains numerous business solutions for enterprises to be able to quickly and efficiently work with vast sums of information which they need in order t get a clear view of what’s happening in their business. It has several modules which include tools for marketing and sales, field service, product design, production and inventory, human resources, and finance and accounting. SAP ERP is able to collect this data from the different modules to give the company enterprise resource planning.

It is known in the world of IT that implementing and using SAP can be quite expensive. Being able to use SAP correctly can actually mean a more efficient and also cost-effective means of getting information on the business. But if you belong to a business which has only a handful of SAP ERP experts, you may find that you will not be able to maximize the benefits of SAP. This is where training in SAP can be crucial. By having more people know how to implement and troubleshoot SAP ERP in your enterprise, you will be able to have a better grasp of how the system works, and how you can use this system to your full advantage.

SAP Training

There are numerous training courses which you can choose from when it comes to SAP. People who do not have experience with SAP are not qualified to hold a seminar, so you can be sure these seminars are exclusively held by those who have had adequate experience in using SAP. However, these credentials come at a price. Since knowledge in SAP is seen by a lot of people as a valuable tool for advancing their career, these seminars can be quite expensive. They can cost thousands of dollars, excluding the amount you would have to pay to travel to the venue of the seminar, along with your board and lodging, as these seminars usually take a few days to complete. For some, this is the best option since it provides them with several hours’ worth of valuable software demonstrations which they can use in the workplace. For others, however, they would rather take an online course which is not only cheaper, but can also be taken at their own pace.

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Practical SAP

Practical SAP by Robert Lopez is the low cost solution to learning all about SAP. It’s suitable for people who have both very minimal and highly advanced knowledge in SAP. The course contains step-by-step instructions for running SAP transactions in several different modules such as FICO, SD, MM, HR and PS. According to Robert Lopez, some people don’t find classroom-style (or seminar-style) learning to be an effective means of instilling information in students. Others would find it preferable to have a desk reference which they can review and follow as they work through a system. This provides them with valuable hands-on knowledge of SAP, which in turn would be a more practical learning experience for them

To give you an overview of what you will be learning in this course, here is a list of topics to be covered by Practical SAP:

  • Introduction to SAP
  • SAP Basics
  • Finance (FI) Configuration
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Banking
  • Accounts Payable
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • Materials Management
  • Project System
  • Human Resource Management
  • Cross Application Timesheet (CATS)
  • Travel Management
  • Fixed Asset Accounting
  • Inter-Company Transactions
  • End of Period Processes
  • Budgets
  • User Account Management
  • Financial Report Writer
  • Implementing SAP

3 - requirements

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Price and Product Description

The Practical SAP guide can be accessed for only $37. This price is significantly marked down since its original price is $69. As it is a downloadable PDF, you may be able to view the guide on any device which can display PDFs. It’s also compatible with PC and MAC users. Once you place your order, you will be sent an email with the instructions for downloading the manual. There is no need to pay for shipping, since Practical SAP is only available as a digital download. If you have any questions, you may simply click on the “Customer Support” link to speak to a customer service representative. Please note that the price for this course is tax deductible since you are spending money to earn income.

What We Like About This Product

  • Practical SAP doesn’t require you to have any SAP knowledge to be able to understand the entirety of the course.
  • There are no videos in the guide, as it’s all in PDF form. This would be particularly beneficial for people who are looking to save space on their laptops, or for those who are better able to learn through reading a guide than through watching a demonstration.
  • Each chapter is discussed in depth, with visual representations of the user interface of each module. This allows you to be familiar with what it looks like to be working with the SAP system, along with how you can modify the variables in order to use SAP to its full advantage.

What We Don’t Like About This Product

  • For some, looking through pages of a PDF file may seem like reading through a boring book. However, it’s much easier to skim through a book to find the topic you’re looking for than to scan hours of videos.

The Bottom Line

Practical SAP is a cheap, effective and handy tool for learning SAP. It may be used as your primary guide for using the system, or as a supplementary guide for other training courses. As SAP is expensive software, SAP experts are highly paid and highly respected in the workplace. Once you’ve learned all you need to learn from Practical SAP, you may soon find yourself moving up the career ladder!

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Learn SAP Course

With a high demand for more knowledge on software used in businesses, people who aren’t very savvy when it comes to business systems are scouring the web for information on the basics of Enterprise Resource Planning systems such as  SAP and how they contribute to the efficient operation of a company. There are countless tutorials which provide information on how SAP works, how to customize it to suit the company’s needs and how it will draw in more revenue when used properly; but for the beginners, all these guides and tutorials may be lacking in pertinent information or filled with technical jargon.

how sap works

Peter Moxon’s Online Beginner Training for SAP provides beginners with the basics of SAP in a way which is understandable and easy to absorb. It was made especially for people who would like to know exactly what SAP is without being bombarded by too many technical terms. The 11-part course consists of video presentations which discuss the fundamentals of SAP while providing concrete examples of how you, as a user, may be able to use it improve the functions of your company.

Learn SAP 1

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SAP or Systems Applications Products is an integrated software solution which provides real time processing of business processes. It allows users to request and access information from the database in a timely and efficient manner. Peter Moxon provides a comprehensive overview of SAP starting from the history of SAP and the SAP NetWeaver Platform down to generating reports on SAP as it’s used by its clients. As the Head Trainer at SAP Training HQ, Peter Moxon provides reliable, concise and standardized material approved by SAP across all training platforms.

sap netweaver platform


Though it’s designed for beginners, Peter Moxon explains every aspect of SAP usage through the use of informative videos which also have demonstrations on how the system can be customized, optimized and used by the client. His beginner course is broken down into eleven parts:

  • Section 1: Before You Begin…
  • Section 2: SAP Introduction
  • Section 3: SAP Functionality
  • Section 4: SAP Products
  • Section 5: SAP System Basics
  • Section 6: SAP Basics – Step By Step
  • Section 7: Customizing YOUR SAP
  • Section 8: Interrogating the System
  • Section 9: Reporting
  • Section 10: Beyond the Basics
  • Section 11: Quiz & Course Wrap-Up

Each section of the course consists of a video, except for the first and final sections. At the beginning, the course taker is asked to read a text so they know what to expect from the course. At the end of the course, an 18-item quiz assesses how well the course taker has understood every aspect of SAP as discussed in the videos.

Pricing and What’s Included

A one-time fee of $67 allows you to take this course and re-take it as many times as needed. It also has a 30-day money back guarantee wherein you can get a refund if you believe the course is not for you.

Taking the entire course would take about 2 ½ hours, excluding the time it would take to read the introductory text and take the final assessment quiz. As opposed to taking the course at an SAP seminar, you can learn all about the basics of SAP in the comfort of your home or in your office. You can also learn about each section and take a break to apply your knowledge before going on to the next section of the course.

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What We Like About this Product:

  • Users who have no idea what SAP is and what it does will be enlightened by this organized course which helps you understand why it’s important to learn about SAP. It starts from the conception of SAP back in the 70’s and gives the course taker a glimpse into how it has been improved over time. It then discussed how SAP is used by the client at the front end and the server at the back end.
  • Though the discussion about each part of the SAP architecture is quite basic, the course taker can at least understand how SAP thanks to actual user interface demonstrations. There are numerous tutorials which can enlighten beginners about the use of SAP, but most of them either just scratch the surface regarding how important SAP is, or they bombard the viewer with too much technical jargon which renders its discussions moot. The videos also make use of charts and figures so the course taker can easily understand each facet of SAP.
  • Peter Moxon explains things in a way which can be understood by the young and old alike. He explains every aspect of SAP as it’s being discussed in the videos so you’re not scrambling for definitions while you’re watching the videos.
  • The assessment is a wonderful learning tool which could clue in the course taker on whether or not he or she has understood everything the course has discussed.
  • Since every section consists of one or two short videos, the course taker can take some time to absorb the information presented in each section through the use of supplementary material or a bit of internet research.

What We Don’t Like About This Product

  • Though it provide lots of information suitable for people hearing about SAP for the first time, the simplified nature of each discussion may leave the course taker wanting a bit more. However, as SAP takes a lot of time to fully understand, this short course can still provide the course taker with useful background information to take into account if he or she wishes to take a more advanced course on SAP.
  • Some users may find the pacing of the videos a bit slow. But since this is for beginners in the world of SAP, this could be a way to accommodate course takers who have no background in enterprise resource planning.

Our Final Verdict

Learn SAP Course – Online Beginner Training provides the basic foundations for learning about SAP. The videos are informative, relevant and presented in a way which anyone would be able to understand, even if they have virtually no prior knowledge of SAP. This introductory course not only provides information on how SAP works and what its benefits are; it also gives the course taker demonstrations of how it can be used and customized to suit the needs of a company. With a price of only $67, you can already learn from a professional SAP trainer without having to leave the comfort of your home!

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SAP ABAP Programming for Beginners Review

Udemy’s SAP ABAP Programming for Beginners is a series of training courses designed to teach ABAP language and how it can be used to develop business applications in a SAP application server. Developed by Peter Moxon, this training course allows one to take a hands-on approach to learning ABAP instead of usual classroom discussions.

SAP is used by almost any business in every industry to ensure efficient operations. Because ABAP is the programming language needed to run SAP applications in business, it is important that one learns how to use it if he or she is interested in being a SAP expert. What does the SAP ABAP Programming for Beginners offer to students? Let’s take a closer look.

diagram 1 - SAP ABAP Programming for Beginners from Udemy

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Everything You Should Know About SAP Training

If you are interested in undergoing SAP training, you will most likely already be aware of the benefits of this qualification within your profession, but do you know what the training entails, or a bit about the history of this field? Having a good idea about what you are getting into can go a long way in helping you establish a sound basis that you can build on as you go about taking the right steps to improving your career.

What Is SAP Training?

SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products and it is basically utilized in data processing. You will first need to have a thorough understanding of what SAP entails before you go into the specifics around its training.

The History Of SAP

SAP first came into being around the 1970s and it was created by engineers who were working for IBM at the time. The reason they created this software was because they wanted an alternative to the ERP systems that were being utilized so commonly at the time. Basically, their aim was to integrate these systems to make them more functional.

I said this before about the success of the system;

(It is) now being used in 90 percent of all Fortune 500 companies.

This just demonstrates how popular the program is today, and for this reason, it is very worthwhile taking the time to get to know it a bit better.

Integrating Systems Into One

What is SAP used for? Basically, this system is used to run a business, and it is involved in many different facets of a company, from the yearly activities to logistics, among many other tasks. Those who are interested in training with SAP will find out that there are many different programs that are currently being used around the world, but many of them make use of a variety of programs for various tasks, instead of one overall program. This is perhaps one of the most appealing things about SAP; the fact that one program can accomplish what so many different ones are used to accomplish. In many instances, a company doesn’t need to make use of another program within its walls; this depends entirely on the business, however, so individuals shouldn’t just assume that this is the case.

Learning Everything There Is To Know About SAP

Because of the complexity of this program, consultants who are interested in working with it actually need to learn just about everything there is to know about the program before they go ahead and start working in the field. The good news is that this isn’t the case with the average employee who needs to learn how to work with one of these systems; they just need to learn to work with the specific facet of the system that they are going to be using, and this makes it a much simpler task to undertake. If employees find that it is too difficult to utilize because it is too complex, this could end up affecting their performance at work, and there is no need for this.

Choose a Program That Suits Your Goals

Before you undergo SAP training, you should take some time to define your goals, and this means deciding what it is that you want to do with your qualification;.

Any experience that you already have that might be relative to your job can help you to make this decision.

You should take your current knowledge levels into account before looking for courses that you can seamlessly integrate into. If you find that a specific class or qualification is way over your head, you might find that you have wasted your time and money because you won’t be able to keep up with the class. Each course should provide you with information about the type of knowledge you need to pass the course; some require nothing more than an interest in the subject at hand.

The Demand

One of the best ways to ensure that you will be able to find work when you finish your course is to take the time to look into the market, including those areas that are in high demand. With this information, you can then determine which SAP qualifications are in demand.

Choosing The Right Institute

Once you have made up your mind about whether or not to get into SAP training, as well as which qualifications are going to suit you best, you will most likely want to pick out the training institution that will best suited to instructing you.

It can be difficult making up your mind about the best institution for the job. The experts at Teknobiz explain why;

Now given plethora of SAP training institutes in places even like Bhubaneswar where there is one IT institute in every nook and corner claiming to be the best SAP institute in town providing world class training and placement opportunities to all candidates it is indeed difficult for one to judge.

This means that you need to turn to external sources, as well as your own research for this information. There are a few different factors that you can take into account as you search for the best possible training institution, and this includes the faculty, who should actually consist of professionals with a lot of experience in this field, as well as whether the fees are fair. You might assume that large brand name institutions might charge more for training than just about anyone else, but this is not always the case. Always take the time to find out what you are paying for; if you are paying more for the name brand on the qualification, it might not actually be worth your while.

Obtaining a SAP qualification might actually go a long way in helping you in your career, but you need to make sure that you do your research into which options are best for you, as well as where you should go to receive your education.

3 Reasons To Opt For Online SAP Training

Have you ever thought about undergoing SAP training in your bid to enter into the exciting world of IT? If this is the case, you might be wondering whether to opt for land based or online training, and in order to obtain an answer, you will most likely want to weigh the pros and cons of the latter to come up with a final decision.

Why Opt For Training At All?

SAP, or Systems Application and Products in Data Processing is a very popular system at the moment, and according to a prior post,

…more than 100 major financial reporting companies use it…

Basically, this means that there is a demand for consultants within this industry, and this in turn means that people need to receive training to be able to assist with these programs. It is not only the individuals who are going to be selling or assisting people in using this program that can benefit from training, but also those people who are going to be using it in their day-to-day professional lives.

In-House Training

One of the biggest benefits of making online training available is that individuals can benefit from it no matter where they are, or how much time they have to commit to the qualification, and this is particularly beneficial for those who work full time. If a business is looking to switch over to SAP software, they can opt for online training sessions once a week to allow their employees to learn everything they need to know about the program they will be working with.

Since SAP courses come in a variety of different sizes, employers can choose to give their employees a thorough education within this field, or they can opt to train them only in the specific facet that they will be using; this flexibility is another factor that has made online training so appealing.

Cost Effective

Land based training of any kind tends to be expensive.

As Cleo Sisco puts it;

SAP training is quite expensive for a number of reasons and many recent graduates just cannot afford it.

The costs of the utilities of the building in which people are trained, the fees associated with the teacher and the travel expenses all combine to make it more difficult for individuals to afford to receive land based training, which makes online courses all the more appealing. The specific costs of online courses will depend on who is providing the classes, as well as which facets of SAP the training covers, but all-in-all, they tend to turn out a lot cheaper.

Quality Instruction

You should never assume that just because the courses are being offered online that they are of a lower quality, since this is far from the case. Many of these courses are accredited, and you will find that many professionals who now specialize in this field actually started off with an online course. The best thing about opting for these types of qualifications is that you get to decide which school to go through as you begin your instruction; land based schools tend to limit your options, so this makes them all the more appealing.

If you have been tasked with choosing between online and land based training, you might want to take the time to get to know both options, since each one has something to offer; only then should you make a firm decision about the one that will suit your purposes best. When it comes to IT courses, such as SAP training, you might be surprised at the results that you obtain from this sort of comparison.

Job Outlook For SAP Professionals

SAP holds more than 25 percent of the world’s market for ERP or enterprise resource planning software. Because of this, companies relying on SAP solutions need professionals who have the training and certification necessary to benefit them. The demand for SAP professionals is growing substantially and many wonder about the job outlook, salary expectation and even the coursework required for gaining certification.

SAP consultants help companies to design and implement solutions for accounting, inventory and production forecasting, profitability analysis, customer relations management, insurance modeling and many other areas. Each of these systems requires professionals that have SAP training as well as in-depth knowledge of their industry. SAP managers and administrators work hard to ensure that company data is easy to access and accurate at all times.

The salary for SAP consultants can vary greatly. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that many consultants can expect to earn somewhere between $33,000 and $55,000 annually beginning with their first year in the industry. There are many specialization opportunities for SAP consultants that can pay more. In fact, researchers show that some specialty jobs can pay between $58,000 and $96,000 per year, depending on where the employer is located and the specific industry. Many SAP consultants will be able to enjoy an even higher salary.

Some companies and projects demand advanced certifications and management experience, resulting in compensation packages that can top $150,000

The job outlook is as good as the salary expectation. More than a quarter of a million computer system administrators are expected to join the workforce in the next ten years. Because SAP has such a strong hold on ERP installations, the need for SAP professionals will grow as well. SAP itself has posted 40 percent in job gains over the past few years and yearly filings reveal that most of the recent hires for the firm work in countries other than Germany.

SAP consultants will enjoy a better job outlook with regards to government work as well. Many state and federal agencies have begun to adopt ERP software in order to better manage their projects and some require people certified in SAP in order to help regulate certain industries such as the healthcare and financial markets. While government employees may not earn as much as qualified consultants working in the private sector, they are afforded better retirement, insurance and other job related perks.

In order to become qualified as an SAP consultant, certification is needed. While there are certainly a number who will enter the market without certification, studies have shown that the best way to penetrate this growing industry is to gain certification or get a degree program. Proper training will help to ensure that every SAP consultant has a place in the job market and those who choose specialties are likely to be given many more opportunities in addition to their potential to earn more money.

An SAP associate is someone who completes the very basic training needed to qualify as a trained SAP professional. These consultants can enter the workforce and typically make more per year than someone without any professional training, although they do tend to make less than those trained on the professional level.

An SAP professional is someone who has gained certification and also has a bit of experience to back up that certification. They are more in demand although it does take time for consultants to earn their professional status. There are many certifications and focus areas that show more job growth than others. Those that seem to be growing include SAP customer service, SAP composition environment, SAP NetWeaver developer studio, SAP project systems and a few others. SAP continues to face competition from other companies such as Oracle and Microsoft but that competition is not nearly enough to halt the growth in the market or to slow the job outlook for SAP consultants.

SAP is the fourth largest software company worldwide, and its products are used by an increasing number of businesses

It is now and is expected to continue to grow, making it possible for many more to get into the industry. SAP certification and proper training are tools that will be needed for those who want the best possible chance at landing a high paying position as a consultant. SAP has a faster than average job growth and that growth is not expected to slow anytime soon. Those who are considering SAP consultancy should get more information about courses and certification opportunities.

There are of course, pros and cons to any career path. In this case, the pros tend to outweigh the cons. The higher pay alone is a good reason for some to get into this career and the job growth outlook lends many to believe that these are jobs that will be there for quite some time. Job opportunities in SAP can include a number of different industries such as computer systems design, financial and insurance markets, government sectors and healthcare. As a general rule, it is not a requirement to have a degree or certification to work in this field. It is however, highly recommended for those who want to become an SAP professional.

It is much easier to break into the industry with the proper training and certification. Those who have little time for traditional classroom training will find a number of certification opportunities online. Continuing education, although not a requirement, is also important for those who really want to advance their careers in the future. Continuing education is often offered for most industries and those who really want to take advantage of technological advances should consider further training beyond certification. As technology changes, it may be essential for consultants to continue their education so that they can remain competitive in the market. Training in particular business systems is often offered for those so inclined to take it. Anyone seriously considering a career in SAP has certainly made a wise choice. The salary and job outlook are both positive and given the time it takes for certification as opposed to many other career paths, this is a good choice for those who want to get into the job market quickly.

How Important Is SAP Training And Certification?

SAP (Systems Applications and Products) is one of the largest ERP solution providers in the world. Estimates show that approximately 70 percent of all companies on the Forbes 500 list use an SAP provided ERP. SAP professionals are in huge demand and there are a number of career opportunities for those who have SAP certification.

Because of the huge demand for SAP professionals, there are a number of certification programs available for specific ERP software packages. The certification is offered by many education partners and many courses can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Training and certification in SAP allows for jobs teaching and using SAP. There are a few different certification levels and the importance of the certification actually depends on how advanced the user wants to be with regards to the program. SAP itself has said that certification is important so that different companies can assess the varying skills of their consultants.

The certification will demonstrate that their employees are experience and that they have all the skills that are necessary to implement SAP solutions and work with them

Those working in SAP do not technically have to be certified. It is perfectly possible to find a job without certification, although training is a must. While there are many in the field who are not certified, those who want to earn a higher salary will want to seriously consider certification. Certification is not required for applying to jobs but most companies are going to prefer someone who carries that certification with them to the interview.

It is important to note however, that certification by itself does not necessary guarantee a higher paying job or a job at all. There are many consultants who are certified who simply do not qualify in other areas. Some however, feel that these consultants are unsuccessful because they did not take the time to really learn SAP. Those who simply take certification courses for the purpose of being able to add that information to their resume cannot expect to impress future employers. Those who are really serious will put more importance on SAP certification themselves.

They [consultants] are mainly unsuccessful because they have viewed SAP as a 25 days course

The last few years have brought about mass changes in online training. Those who are planning to become certified in SAP can take online courses to gain this certification. Traditional classroom training is not necessarily a thing of the past but those who have little time for traditional training and who still want to gain certification can check on online training. Online training allows for the same lessons and learning that traditional classrooms provide but it offers a more convenient way for many, particularly those with hectic schedules, to gain the education that they need to move into better and higher paying positions.

MMC, the Michael Management Company, realized early on that online training was a trend that was not likely to go away soon. They have been working since 2000 to provide online SAP training and certification courses to help those who want to further their careers but simply do not have access to or the time to attend traditional classrooms for this certification.

The company has delivered more than 20,000 training sessions in the past three years, helping many students to gain the certification that they need without having to worry with traveling back and forth to school and without the time constraints that traditional classrooms often have.

Those who are considering SAP as a career path should understand that certification and training, whether online or off, are important aspects of this industry. The proper training is essential in gaining employment, particularly employment that is going to offer a reasonable salary. SAP software is certainly not going anywhere soon and seeking professional certification is one way to ensure a place in the job market.

Some 80 percent of the world’s Fortune 1000 companies now use SAP software, and the SAP community network has more than 2.5 million members

Trained SAP professionals are in high demand and this demand is only likely to increase in the future.

Understanding The Fundamentals Of The New SAP Software Programs

Every progressive company competing in today’s market is constantly striving to keep up with the constant changes in technology, software, and any other new systems that can be used to enhance their business. The constant need to stay abreast of what is happening is why programs like SAP have been developed. SAP (Systems Applications and Products) is a data processing software that is being utilized by many businesses to make sure that they are always able to stay in the forefront of the current technological scene. Having SAP software simply means that your company has all the education needed to understand the program fully.

The founders of SAP created this ERP system to provide business solutions to clients through the means of a common server. It offers a high level of integration among its various applications, which guarantee consistency throughout the company’s entire network of systems. These systems are divided into different categories that can be implemented to handle any possible tasks in these areas. They cover areas like Development, Quality Assurance, and Production. Notice what Mike Sapernickel of SAP Training Courses had to say about the original purpose of development,

The answer to the question “what is SAP training?” would be that it teaches you how to use old ERP systems that have been integrated into a single program. SAP has moved on greatly since then, now being used in 90 percent of all Fortune 500 companies. In fact, it is the leading ERP software package available today.

Product Purpose

The ERP products that have been developed by SAP were specifically designed to give businesses the ability to manage every area of their company from logistics to order processing from one particular software program. That means that their logistics will be handled by the same package as their human resources department in one easy to implement and seamless system from start to finish.

This can provide a business with many advantages that could help them to become not only more efficient but more competitive in today’s markets. They will have more flexibility with dealing with all areas of their business. By every department using the same methods to get their work done they can all exchange information much more freely and they will be more adaptable to meet the needs of every division in the company. Blue Ocean Systems explains how a company may fully benefit from using SAP software,

SAP ERP systems – are fully integrated business real-time systems. They enable transactions to be processed end-to-end and eliminate data inconsistencies between subsystems. Many companies replace their old business systems with the best-of-breed ERP package developed by SAP.

An SAP program provides one of the most efficient services ever created to support a company’s complete infrastructure from every angle. They do this by providing consultants from a variety of different work platforms to make sure that every possible detail in a business is covered. There are three main groups of consultants that an SAP program will require to get started.

Elements of the SAP Training Program

The Functional Consultant. This is a consultant that is highly experienced in a single area of a particular business; a sales manager or a human resource expert for example could be a functional consultant brought in to configure the software so that it is tailored to the specific needs of the business. These consultants have in depth knowledge of a particular business or industry and what is needed to keep that business running at its peak level of efficiency.

The role of this type of consultant will vary based on the type of project they will be working on and can vary in a number ways depending on the size of your business project and the scope of the work to be done.

The Technical Consultant. This consultant has a detailed understanding of various programming languages for developing the various elements of the software packages that the company will need. Technical consultants have to have at their disposal an entire battery of technical skills that will allow them to specifically tailor the software to fill a business’ needs. They must have detailed knowledge of computer languages and coding that can be used across a broad spectrum of functions.

The System Administrator. These consultants focus on managing the software program itself. They have to wear a variety of different hats that could range from installing the system, providing necessary upgrades, fixing any problems that may arise, or providing the needed maintenance of the system whenever it is required. The System Administrator will likely be on hand even after the program is fully implement to troubleshoot any possible problems that may arise after the program is fully functional.

There is no question that with these types of consultants ready to design a software package for your business that you will not be fully knowledgeable about your options and how they can work to enhance your business. Imagine the competitive edge that your business could have with the implementation of this type of product to improve your efficiency. Forbes comments on how this could be of a major asset to any business,

Gathering a true picture of actual demand and available products, all social and sentiment analysis about your customers and your products, and all relevant market dynamics enables this complete view – in real time, wherever you are, on whichever device you have near you. Only then can you focus on manufacturing, delivering and targeting the right product, to the right customer, at the right time

Businesses are becoming more and more complex each year but some have been able to demonstrate how utilizing packages like SAP have been successful at simplifying the entire process from start to finish in an extremely efficient way.

There is no such thing as a perfectly run business, but with an SAP program bringing everything together, you have a much better chance of your business running smoothly from every corner. So, while each business may not be a perfect business model, the key is not perfection but solutions to those problems when they do come up.

How To Choose An SAP Consultant Training Program

If you are looking to get involved in SAP training, you will have to become more creative in your approach. Throughout a person’s career, it is important to concentrate one’s efforts on accumulating as many diplomas, certificates, and licenses as possible, as this will help you to stand out from the competition. The same could be said of those who are involved in the highly progressive and innovative IT industry that is leading the world today.

Before launching such a career choice in SAP technology, you must have set some definite goals for your direction to get you to the next level. Notice what online training had to say about SAP Online Training Classes,

Before starting any training, one must be clear on the purpose for which they are undertaking that particular training. The reasons may vary from person to person. One person might be undergoing the training to become a super user within a company. Others may go through the same training to start practicing as freelance consultants.

Knowing your goals and which direction you want to go in is an important decision making step to get you started on the right foot. Here are a few thoughts that could help you to make that first choice:

Your Work History

Depending on the knowledge and skills that you have already acquired you will look for training programs and classes that should most closely fit your current goals. Any experience that you already have that might be relative to your job can help you to make this decision.

The Current Industry

You might also want to weigh the areas of market demand. SAP consultants do not all have the same experience, background or knowledge, so if you choose to be a consultant you need to also decide on a specific field and study in that vein. SAP consultants can come from a wide variety of backgrounds that could make it rather difficult to decide on the program you want.

When that happens, many looking for a training program will look instead at which type is in the highest demand, and they will choose a program that will help them to fill that need. This could be very beneficial for that individual, since often it is difficult to find work right after you finish your studies. Filling a market need or demand is one of the best ways to avoid getting the most out of your job application after your studies are completed.

Your Qualifications

Finally, you want to consider your own skill set and what you can bring to the table. You may have acquired your skill from a number of sources and not just from classroom experience. Whatever way you learned your skill set, make sure it fits in with your consultant goals. Notice what SAP123 had to say about acquiring the right skill set for the job,

Determine in what area you want to specialize. Functional, or technical, or add on products, or end-user training or some other role in the SAP “industry”. If you are not 100 percent sure – speak to fellow consultants or see where the demand might be in your area.

With new SAP technology constantly being used in businesses around the globe, the potential need for qualified SAP trainers to get a company up and going will require some well-trained consultants. Getting in on the ground floor of this growing industry starts with choosing the right SAP training program for the best results. Once you have completed an SAP Education training program, it should be relatively easy for you land that perfect dream job in the new world of modern technology that is driving businesses these days.

SAP HANA Training Review – Getting Your Data Faster

In this lightning-fast generation, getting your data, and getting it fast is one of the leading businesses’ top priorities. Being able to access information when you want it with a few clicks is of crucial importance for businesses who deal with real time information. Examples of these businesses would include those involved in sales, analytics, data processing and more. An ERP or enterprise resource planning software would greatly aid in fetching the necessary data from a database to be relayed to the end-user. SAP is one such enterprise planning software which helps organize and retrieve data to be translated into coherent reports for the users of the software.

1 - sap hana

SAP HANA (Systems Analysis and Program Development, High-performance Analytics Appliance) is another type of software which not only allows a client to access and interact with data with a few clicks, but it also speeds up the process by using an in-memory database as opposed to a disc style database. How does this affect the speed at which the data is accessed? Simply put, when data is stored in a disc, more CPU processes are required to enter the disc’s database, sift through all the information stored inside and retrieve the requested data to be sent to the one requesting the data. In contrast, an in-memory database gets rid of the “middleman” by storing all the information within the system itself to relieve the CPU of processes such as entering a different disc database. Speed is not only the primary benefit here, since it also means there’s less work to be done by IT resources, which therefore lessens the cost of operation, especially for businesses running on limited RAM.\

2 - curriculum

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Knowing the very basic information about SAP HANA, however, takes more than just a few paragraphs of texts. You would need a more thorough investigation of how SAP HANA works, how it can benefit a company, and how you can use it to be able to speed data retrieval and analytics in your company. In the IT Intelligence Group’s SAP HANA Training course, all these points are discussed in detail through various video lectures and demonstrations.

Overview of SAP HANA Training

IT Intelligence Group’s SAP HANA Training course discusses all the key topics when it comes to working on SAP HANA. It covers areas such administration, support, development and improvement of the system to suit the needs of the company using it. Far from a basics course which only discusses the tip of the iceberg, SAP HANA training delves deeper into how SAP HANA works to be able to know how it its benefits can be thoroughly reaped. The course has 15 sections and covers the following topics:

  • Section 1: SAP HANA Introduction
  • Section 2: SAP HANA Architecture
  • Section 3: SAP HANA Studio
  • Section 4: SAP HANA Modeling
  • Section 5: SAP HANA Security
  • Section 6: SAP HANA Data Replication
  • Section 7: Data Provisioning
  • Section 8: Different types of Connectivity
  • Section 9: SAP HANA SQL
  • Section 10: SAP HANA Administration
  • Section 11: HA and DR in SAP HANA
  • Section 12: Sample SAP HANA development objects
  • Section 13: Reporting
  • Section 14: Conclusion
  • Section 15: Quizzes

3 - license mgmt

Almost all the parts of the course are video presentations of how to use SAP HANA, except for two downloadable texts and a quiz at the end of the course. The downloadable texts are SAP HANA SQL reference and development guides which serve to guide the course taker regarding the special purpose programming language used in SAP HANA. The quiz at the end is a SAP HANA Studio and Modelling Quiz to ensure that you have understood how SAP HANA can be applied. A studio and modeling quiz is particularly useful and practical since it assesses whether or not you have understood the entirety of the application and its code through a practical application of concepts.

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Product Description and Pricing

The course is made up almost entirely of discussions and supplementary visual aids through PowerPoint presentations. The entirety of the course costs $341, inclusive of supplementary texts on SAP HANA SQL language and a 35-item quiz. The course takes about 13 hours to complete, and the divisions between each section allow the course taker to fully absorb the subject matter before proceeding to the next section at their own pace.

What We Like About SAP HANA Training

  • It is incredibly helpful, especially for someone who has had a bit of prior knowledge about SAP HANA. It’s ideal for people who have already encountered SAP HANA in a superficial way, and has understood what it is generally for. This training course then delves deeper into how SAP HANA works within the structure of a company, and how storing all the data in an in-memory storage database actually speeds up the retrieval process of any data without fear of bottlenecking.
  • Using SAP HANA is slowly becoming a trend in the IT industry because of its efficiency in handling massive amounts of information, and this course is able to address the key benefits of using SAP HANA. Not only does the course examine the software needed and software benefits of using SAP HANA, it also goes into detail about hardware specifications and benefits.
  • The pace of the training course is slow enough for the course taker to absorb the information but quick enough to fit everything in a 13-hour collection of videos.

What We Don’t Like About SAP HANA Training

  • It’s not for beginners on the concept of SAP HANA. However, if one is to be taking an SAP HANA training course, it would be logical to assume he or she has had some background training in SAP and has encountered the term at least once.
  • It a very long course which shouldn’t be taken as a single-day crash course. But since SAP HANA is quite a complicated application which handles a lot of information, a long course would be necessary to fully comprehend how it works.

The Verdict

SAP is one of the most expensive software applications for handling vast amounts of information. Moreover SAP HANA is a software which allows one to handle this much information in a more efficient manner. This course is a complete guide to the inner workings of SAP HANA, and it’s incredibly thorough in its explanations of how the application can work to your advantage. IT Intelligence Group’s SAP HANA Training could quite possibly be the most effective online training course available.

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